It is only natural for outdoor activities to have an element of risk and uncertainty. Here at the Wilderness Malaysia we offer fulfilling and challenging adventures without compromising our quality, safety or environmental standards. Safety of our staff and participants is our fundamental priority.

Wilderness Malaysia has conducted programs for the past 12 years. We take pride in the fact that, to date, we have maintained the safety of more than 50,000 participants without serious injury. Our instructors participate in an internationally recognized Wilderness First Aid qualification which gives them the skills and knowledge to manage ongoing medical issues in a wilderness setting.

Our Emergency Response Policies and Procedures enable us to care for, and evacuate, any participant to advanced medical care whenever needed. Our instructors are highly trained to an international level and undergo regular professional development. They receive training, which is consistent with international standards, and is consistently reviewed by qualified staff. All of our activity and safety equipment is in compliance with industry standards and undergoes routine inspections and maintenance. We take pride in setting the standard of Malaysia's outdoor industry and maintaining an excellent safety record for others to follow.