In the corporate environment, teamwork, and communication are essential to getting things done more efficiently and good leadership is the key to the success of an organisation. Our programs are specially tailored to fit the needs of each organisation. The programs provide the participants with teamwork skills and instill in them the fundamental values of their organisation. The program challenges participants to extend beyond perceived limits to increase awareness of their potential. The desired outcome from this program is that participants will develop better self-confidence in setting and achieving goals, enhancing interpersonal and communication skills, and assuming leadership roles in problem-solving situations.


The competitiveness of today’s market as well as proliferation of technologies has made globalisation an important aspect for both personal and corporate success. Unlike the days of yesteryears, where individualism can be a means of success, in today’s environment, team work and group dynamics plays an important part especially as organisations continue to globalise their operations. Companies today strive on team work from people of all cultures and nation in order to capitalise and build on individual strengths. We, at Wilderness Malaysia, having trained over 65,000 people from all walks of life with different culture, nationalities, expectations, beliefs and values understand team building like no other. Over the years, we have seen the benefits of effective team dynamics and have developed unique methodologies that have allowed us to impart specific learning to build exceptional team culture be it corporate professionals or individuals.

We use a series of customised tasks and activities based on the natural landscape of the environment that will challenge you and your team both mentally and physically. These activities can be held either indoors or outdoors depending on the comfort of your group although we have found that outdoor activities have created the most impact. Debriefing and personal reflection of the activity is vital in order to enhance learning and improve the transferability of skills learnt to a different environment such as the workplace. We ensure that all activities are carefully discussed and agreed with the respective companies/organisations prior to running the programs.

Wilderness Malaysia is able to run many different styles of programs to cater to the needs of the client. Whether it is an afternoon of initiative activities to break up the working day and refresh the staff or a multi-day adventure that builds lasting bonds and focuses on teamwork and problem solving skills.

Some of our programs are as follows:



This 3 Days 2 Nights or 2 Days 1 Night experience takes the participants through a multi-day bonding and team building experience with the options of camping out in the wilderness or staying in hotel accommodation for the evenings.  This program is recommended for groups looking to form a strong team or build on existing relations within the company or organization.




Wilderness Malaysia appreciates that some organizations do not have the resources or the time to be involved in multi-day activities, but still wish to gain the benefits of problem solving activities and initiative challenges.  With our series of short programs you can gain some of the benefits in less time.  This is a great way to energise your team and help them refresh their minds and bodies.




If any of our structured programs do not match your needs then please feel free to design your own perfect program.  If you have a desire to improve your organization and yourself then please submit an enquiry form and let us do the rest.