Wilderness Adventure Camp (Age: 13-17)

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Our goal is to inspire young minds.


Smartphones, computers and other gadgets that teens spend most of the time with, cannot give them the nurturing that a wilderness adventure can. We need to look at ways to guide teens and take responsibility for what we are exposing them to right now. Here’s our approach:


3 Days 2 Nights Wilderness Adventure Program
Venue: Teratak River View, Tanjung Malim, Perak
Dates: 17-19 March 2018 and 21-23 March 2018
Targeted age: 13-17 years old


What does it mean to have a wilderness experience? At the program, participants will learn the basic skills of camping while being surrounded by the lush greenery of Tanjung Malim. Participants are provided with the right sets of knowledge and skills to navigate their way in the wilderness, just as how we hope for them to have the right guidance and direction as they path their own destinies.


Participants will also learn what it means to stay dedicated and resilient at times of adversity. Immersing oneself in the wilderness has its great advantage: the ever-changing condition of nature. These prepare participants to expect the unexpected. WM is dedicated to creating a safe space for participants to learn through words of encouragement and at own pace. Every participant learns at a different pace and as trainers, it is our responsibility to ensure all participants go home with increased confidence and broader perspectives in life.


WM is well-known to have changed the lives of many since the establishment of Wilderness Adventure Program in 2002 that brings in thousands of teenagers from across Malaysia to join a 5 Days 4 Nights program at Langkawi, Kedah. The result of this program has been proven to bring a positive impact to the participants and is the reason the program still runs to this date.


Our first Wilderness Adventure Program this year takes place at Tanjung Malim, Perak. The program is priced at RM450.00 per participant and is open for all teenagers at the age of 13 to 17 years old. Accommodation, meals, and program materials are provided.


It’s time for us to step-up and create a new space of opportunity for the young minds to grow again.


More info can be requested by email at Ms. Tricia tricia@wildernessmalaysia.com or Ms. Saori at saori@wildernessmalaysia.com. Upon request, do provide the following information:


Subject: Wilderness Adventure Program March 2018
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Registration closes Monday, 5 March 2018.

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